Video Production

What Makes Our Videos Different?


It’s not enough to simply own a camera. It takes technical ability and an eye for the shots that will take your project to the next level. Our experienced team captures that stunning footage from behind the camera and then turns it into something amazing in post-production. 


In between concept and final product our projects spend some quality time with our talented writer. The story that we want to tell is identified and every member of the team is briefed on it so that each shot and edit reflects the story being told. 


We recognize that there must be purpose behind our beautiful footage. As marketers we think about every opportunity to increase the value that you bring to your customer. That thought process is manifest in each video that we make. 


We want you to get the greatest return possible on your video and our pricing will reflect that! After talking with you and initial video needs are assessed we will consider the many variables that affect the price of our work; volume, time spent conceptualizing the piece, script writing (if applicable), length of time required to shoot, what equipment we use, how much crew is needed to produce the piece, editing time, etc. We assure you that you will always get competitive pricing from us.